Sunburns and Apologies

Hello! This is Trinity (aka Guinea Pig Lover) here! I bet you a lot of people have forgotten that I post here. Yeah, I don’t blame them. I’ve been gone for a while. I’m really sorry for that. From now on, I’ll be posting every other Monday, for you who might actually want to read my ramblings. Remember, you can always read them at Lord’s Girls if you’re bored. XD

My body really hurt–on Friday I was outside the whole day, swimming at my friend’s house. Both of our families got together and went over to their cottage to swim at the lake that is in there backyard–literally. 😀 It was really fun, until we had to leave at 5 o’clock and I realized that my face got sunburned. Once we got home, I saw that my shoulders were burned too…and then I realized that my whole arms and legs were burned…:/ Not fun.

I had not touched my face, because it really, REALLY hurt. It was beat red! Even raising my eyebrows hurt! My glasses hurt my nose just from resting on it. That’s when you know it’s bad. 😉

The lesson learned: Always bring sunscreen to the beach!

Good day!

Love, Trinity


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