Girls, Listen Up!

Hey girls,

This is a post I did on my blog, but I thought I would share it here as well:)

I got this great newspaper article in the mail from my wonderful grandma the other day. It was entitled ‘Your beautiful is beautiful.’
The article was about this photographer that put on a “no makeup allowed” photo shoot with some high school girls. No editing was involved in the photos. The girls really liked their photos, but some were afraid to put them on the internet or show anyone the pictures. The photographer encouraged the girls to show others and they did eventually. The girls got really great responses and were very encouraged that they looked beautiful even without make-up on! The girls were inspired to make a video to encourage others that they are beautiful just the way they are. Here is the video. Please watch it. It was so encouraging to me and it will be to you as well.

Wow! Wasn’t that amazing!? I have struggled with being myself around other girls my age. Its always hard when you have to be around those girls who seem ‘perfect’ and treat everyone like they aren’t. They dress really cute, their make up is just perfect, and their hair does whatever they want it to do. Its hard for me to accept that I have my own clothing and hair style and I may be bigger and taller that everyone else. I don’t have to follow the crowd, because I am me, I am beautiful, and I know God made me that way. No matter how I wear my hair or what style of clothes I put on, I am beautiful just the way I am. And so are you! Girls, listen up you are beautiful! Write in your mirror or put sticky notes by your bed or on your desk that say good this about yourself. I’m going to try to accept myself for who I am and not for someone who I am not. Are you up for the challenge?
I am self-confident
What are you? 
Say something good about yourself
I am….(Fill in the blank) in the comments

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