Encouraging Poems

Hey everyone!

How are you?

Today I’ve decided to share a few poems that I like. I have not written any of these, so all credit goes to the authors. 😉

Yesterday’s Door

Time has closed yesterday’s door, But today is still in God’s hand.

If we live in the past, we deny the “now”, and the trials we’ll not withstand.

It’s said of time, that it heals all wounds…God’s infinite justice shall reign.

The answer to all that’s unfair is: God’s love will remain.

So live in the “now” with the future in mind; The past is forgiven and gone;

If we place our souls in God’s protective care, We can meet our life head-on.

~Charleen Bichel

If the Sky Should Crumble

Now if the sky should crumble, And the mountains turn to dust,

The stars no longer twinkle, And the moon begins to rust;

If the sea should be silenced, From its tumultuous sound,

Or the winds cease to blow and great stillness is all around…

God shall remain who He is: Trustworthy, faithful, and true,

Merciful, Benevolent- Ever concerned about you!

~Steven Michael Schumacher

My Pathway

Help me, dear Jesus, to follow your footsteps the best that I can,

Sometimes I know I may tarry or wander away from your plan.

Life offers many temptations with so many pathways to take;

Give me the wisdom and foresight in every decision I make.

Help me to turn from my ego, Give me the strength to suceed,

Let me instead be Your vessel to follow whatever You lead.

I may fall as I’m striving to meet you, I may suffer in pain on the way,

But I know that I will be worthy to meet You in Heaven one day.

Then help me, dear Jesus, and guide me, I know I can’t make it alone.

I need Your direction and blessings As I’m seeking my way to Your throne.

I fervently pray for the power only You can instill.

Let me journey through life can be exalted As I follow your Pathway and Will.

~Patience Allison Hartbauer

Which one is your favourite?

Have a beautifully blessed day!



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