I’m not good at it. At all. I wish I was like Moses, the most humble man ever, but I’m not! God says that “before honour is humility” The Bible also says that pride comes before a fall. It also says that God brings down every high look, but exalts the lowly.

A lot of sins come from pride. I know they do. Pride in achieving something you set out to do is not necessarily wrong, but we must acknowledge that God was the One who enabled us to do it. We can be proud we got an A in this class or that, we can be proud our drawing came out nice, that’s all well and good if we don’t give the credit to ourselves. “What do you have which you did not first receive” says Paul. However, pride in ourselves brings on boasting, looking down on others, judging others…

Pride also leads to anger. If you don’t think you’re such a much, then why would you get angry when someone treats you wrongly? Jesus didn’t get angry when they killed Him, and He was God! Remember what Paul said? “Be imitators of Christ.” That calls for Christ-like humility.

I’m working on it! Really I am! It takes a while, but it will be totally worth it to be told some day by God Himself, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”



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