My Bible Study Routine

Hey everyone! How are you guys?

So today I decided to share my Bible study routine. Yesterday, I started a summer devotions challenge.

Normally I do Bible study whenever I have the time, whether it be 6 in the morning or 10 at night. I have actually set myself up a Bible reading schedule so that I know what to read each day. Right now I’m in the middle of Romans. So I do my Bible reading, and then I do a page of my devotions. Have you guys heard of the Bible devotions Bethany Hamilton wrote? That’s the one I use! And then, I work on memorizing my verse of the week. I will recite it at the end of the week. And last, but not least, I end in prayer. I think back to the prayer requests my friends have given me, and think about all that God has given me to be thankful for. I’m hoping to get more into this routine, because I have a tendency to slack off on Bible reading, and forget. So I’m hoping the summer devotions challenge will encourage me to keep up with my schedule. And this routine only takes 15 minutes!

What are your guys Bible study routines? Do you have a schedule for your Bible reading or do you just open your Bible and read?

Have a beautifully blessed day everyone!

~Katie @



2 thoughts on “My Bible Study Routine

  1. I love doing this Bible challenge with you Katie. I love reading in the morning. I don’t do a devotion book. I just read my Bible and pray. And alot of times I write in a journal, too. 🙂 Especially since I have been in Proverbs, I see so many awesome verses and I write aboout them. 🙂

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