If you think about it, just about everything about being a Christian calls for patience. Patience is one of the fruits of the spirit. We need patience to see God work in our lives, patience to wait for His timing, patience to fight on to the end. Patience and Christianity go hand in hand.

I find patience difficult. I hate waiting. I’m a very energetic person that would love for things to happen now. Maybe that’s why so many things don’t happen now, because I have to learn patience! Over and over again in the New Testament, we are encouraged to be patient, longsuffering. It must be pretty important the amount it is addressed! Jesus was patient, too. Imagine the amount of patience and “longsuffering” that went into receiving all that brutality- without a word. If God told us to be like Jesus, I guess that means patient, too!

Love is patient. God is love.


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