b2 b1We all have hobbies. From reading to making candles, we all have one-or several. About a year ago or so, I started an Etsy shop for crocheted party favors. I made a few sales and it kind of slowed down. This past year I’ve narrowed it down to which hobbies I would like to keep and others move on from. I started my writing up again, more seriously this time and continued with that. 😉 Pretty soon, I discovered I had a little too much on my plate. So, I decided to stop my Etsy shop for the moment and cut down on writing in the day, and do that in the evening instead. It has really helped me to get more done and focus on the important things.

God gives us all talents, and I think we should use them. But that doesn’t mean we can forget the important things, such as school, helping out, ect. I’ve found that I can find time to write in the evenings, where as for some people it might work better in the early morning. Pretty much, you could find a time slot for your hobby, you just need to push the “extra” things such as, time on the internet, chatting with friends, ect. to make time for your hobbies and other things. It’s best to prioritize your interests, and other things such as school. Pretty much everything you do in a normal day. Make a list, or schedule-even a to-do list..whatever works better for you. God gives us all gifts, we just need to make sure we don’t make them too important for us. 🙂


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