Keeping Our Eyes On Jesus

Hey everyone! Maddy here! How are you all doing? Today, I’m going to be writing about ” Keeping Our Eyes On Jesus.” You should always be keeping your eyes on Jesus but sometimes we don’t. Jesus is our awesome, amazing, loving, King and we should always be completely focused on Him. A lot of times people think more about what  book  there interesting in, a tv show, or even friends. Well, Jesus is the best friend that you could ever have and is the best thing to be thinking about and being focused on. We should always be keeping our eyes on Him and not things of this world. Reading your Bible is a great way to be keeping or eyes and focus on Him. Also, praying or doing devotions. If your keeping your eyes on Him then you’ll have much more joy in your heart then you would if all you did was watch tv all day. So, keep your eyes completely on Him!

Jesus Picture


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