Book Review: Pilgrim’s Progress

So… I read this book once when I was nine. I didn’t understand it much, but reading it again (I’m finished Christian’s journey and working on Christiana’s now!) I’m getting so much more out of it! If you’ve never read this book.. Go pick it up at the library and read it! It’s awesome.

I love it! It makes so much sense! There are so many awesome discussions between awesome characters with awesome names! This book has been rated second only to the Bible, and I think it deserves such a rating. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and read it! It’s really encouraging, adventurous, interesting, captivating, and makes you think! I love it! It’s like a devotional! Some future posts may very well be based on discussions in this book! I was reading it and was thinking… “Oh yeah! This is awesome! Blog post material!”

I hope you check it out! It’s so awesome! And it’s all Bible based! John Bunyan (the author) was awesomely gifted! And I won’t say talented simply because I think God inspired him with this book! It is awesome!

Don’t forget tomorrow is Armed Forces Day! If you know someone or a family that has a member of the military, thank them! They do so much for us!




3 thoughts on “Book Review: Pilgrim’s Progress

    1. Armed Forces day is a day we honour men and women in our Armed Forces. Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force… you know! It’s for men and women currently serving. Memorial Day is for men and women who have died, and Veteran’s Day is for soldiers who have fought. 🙂

      Cool! Ever read Pilgrim’s Progress?

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