Today, NOT tomorrow

You can never actually live life until you have lived it to the fullest.

My life could end today. Right now. Tomorrow, or maybe even 20-50 years from now. We have no idea what our lifetime will hold. I may be blessed with a family, or the Lord might have other plans for me. All I know is right now I want to live today to the fullest. I want to give glory to God for everything I do. I want to have Him the focus of my thoughts, the Lord of my life, the King that I bow to.

And, each person I meet has a special purpose in growing my faith. The lady who delivers my mail each day might teach me how to serve. Or my mother, how to be a strong Christian each day. Maybe someone who has hurt me in a certain way will teach me more about forgiveness. Or even just smiling at a stranger in the store and seeing a pain in their eyes, will remind me to pray for them that day.

Everyone needs Christ’s love, why not show that to someone today?

I encourage you, today, to live your day to the fullest.


P.s This is a re-post from my blog last summer. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Today, NOT tomorrow

  1. Lovely post! My sister said there was a man who had a near-death experience and lived every day as if it would be his last. It is a lesson we all need to learn – to value the life God has given us.

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