My Poems: Garden’s Prayer and My Celestial Journey

Hey everyone! How is your day going? So I really enjoy writing poetry, and I thought I would share a couple of my favourites that I have wrote. I hope you like them! I would love any input or comments about them!

Garden’s Prayer:
The golden sun in the west sets,
Across the plains casting silhouettes,
The end of a glorious day we have met,
When night’s shadow does fall,
I creep down our narrow hall,
To my garden where I pray,
Down to my knees, I fall and say,
O, Glorious Lord thank you for this day!
Wonderful, almighty one, you are abounding in love,
Always watching each and everyone of us from heaven above,
Even though I have sinned ten times over you see,
You are always there willing to forgive me.
I will always strive to do what is right,
Everything that is honest and pure in your sight,
Thank you Lord for your everlasting love, I will worship you.
All my days, I will always worship you.

My Celestial Journey

The beautiful heavens glitter from above,
Reminding me of the glorious Saviour I love,
Moonshine reflects off the silvery stream,
Like one beautiful starry dream,

Oh how I wish I could be up there,
Soaring oh so high without a care!

The gleaming moon now crosses my way,
Thoughts fly through my head, on the crisp, green grass I lay,
Under my celestial blanket, I start to fall to asleep,
Now I’m shooting through space with my memories I’ll always keep.


How did you guys like them? Do you have a favourite? Anything I could do better next time?

Have a beautifully blessed day! 🙂



3 thoughts on “My Poems: Garden’s Prayer and My Celestial Journey

  1. Good poems. I do have one recommendation 😀 Watch how many syllables your lines have. If they’re off the right/wrong way, it makes it not rhyme as well even if the words do.

    I really REALLY like the second one! So cool that you like to write poetry! I’ve written since i was nine!

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