Personal Prayers



Lately I’ve been trying to make my prayers more personal…I always thought I always had to be ‘direct to the point,’ or ‘not talk to God about the personal stuff.’ And you know what?…..I decided not to do that anymore and find my prayers much more relaxed.

For example, I want to improve on my writing, but I don’t want to ask for something for myself so I ask God to help me improve on my writing so that it will bless others. ect, ect.

I decided to start talking to God like I would any other person, a face to face chat. Personal stuff, yeah. Well, He knows everything already, right? So why not talk about it with someone and make yourself feel better by getting that load off. Some people think it’s not respectful to talk about personal things to God, and well, I don’t know but personally, I wouldn’t want to be talked at as if I was a wall….those are my thoughts in prayers, I look forward to growing closer to God through my prayers. 😀

Are you personal with your prayers?


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