Are you putting God FIRST? And being outside!

Hey Lo! It’s Ellie! Today I’m going to talk about the outdoors and a special advice from Shelby a list of some Christian songs I like!

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This week I was doing my geography and I noticed a little test thing saying how much people used a certain device and how much more they used it when the years grew more in number. I know some people who watch movies or watch Youtube videos straight after they get home from school. It’s sad to think that some  people use electronics for maybe three hours. It doesn’t sound like a much time but once you multiply it by seven it’s twenty one hours! That’s a whole day! There’s something that we all EVEN ME need to work on. It’s putting God FIRST!

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Sometimes we can say, “Yep! I love Jesus as number #1, but really you might not. Let’s say I’m on my electronics for two hours every day. Also say I read the bible or think about God one hour a day (that’s including reading bible verses on social media or hearing a christian article) I don’t know about you but I don’t know if I’m really putting God in the center of my life and being my number #1.

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So what I’m saying is, GO OUTSIDE! You will be amazed when you just stand outside how pleasant the sounding is. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the branches are moving! For God is controlling all of that! He made all of the beautiful and marvelous trees, flowers, grass, sun, sky, clouds, seas, and everything! WITH THE POWER OF HIS WORD! 

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Even the cars quickly passing and the mowers make me want to fly!! Once you step outside you promptly see the sun shiner brighter and the noise getting quieter.

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Even the very dark clouds make me want to love God even more because he is in power of those storms!

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Here are some good songs that are so awesome!

Lord I need you by Matt Maher

Amen! By Matt Maher!

Oceans by Hillson United

The Sun is Rising by Britt Nicole

Walk on Water by Britt Nicole

Stand by Britt Nicole

Thanks for reading!

What picture was your favorite? Are you always putting God FIRST! What do you like about being outside? 

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10 thoughts on “Are you putting God FIRST? And being outside!

  1. Wanted to make a note at this: not only should Jesus be first in our lives but He should be the ONLY thing. He doesn’t stand in a crowded house (see the first verses in 1 Samuel 5) and 1 Peter 3:15 says “in your hearts SET APART Christ as Lord.” Just thought I would mention that. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Aliyah! I totally agree with you! Thank yo for commenting and noting this out to me. Sorry if sometimes my words were sounding weird. I’m not used to talking about this stuff so it’s hard to explain it sometimes. You know?


  2. Good post Ellie 😉 I do agree with Aliyah on how Jesus should be the first and only thing in our lives and all but over all it was very well written 😉

    Also, I really liked how you shared all of those songs! I love Lord I need you! We listen to it all the time at dance!

    Great pictures too!



  3. Also… ( sorry ! I forgot to add this ) I know what you mean with being outside! I feel so close to God when I’m outside. Sometimes I’ll sit outside for hours and just look at every wonderful thing He made! It’s all amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

    I was actually going up post about that but you I really liked your post so I’ll think of something different 😉


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