what a beautiful gift

Life is such a beautiful gift. It isn’t something we should take lightly. Life is something that only God can give.. Only HE can create breath. Only He can give life…so why do we take it into our own hands so cruelly?


Abortion is simple.




Babies are the most precious thing ever! We were all once a baby. We were all once a cell… a heartbeat. But yet, we are all alive. I have always loved babies. I have always thought I was pro-life, but I didn’t understand what that really meant. I didn’t understand what abortion was. Then last Summer a very godly family opened my eyes..and now I have a fire in my heart. It is burning with a passion to help the helpless. To fight for the weak. To speak for those without a voice. This is a battle that needs to be fought..and right now my weapon is prayer.

Will you use your weapon to fight for the weak? To help the helpless?



13 thoughts on “what a beautiful gift

  1. Loved this post Julia! We just got done doing a Walk for Life for a christian organization called Care Net. They save hundreds of babies from being murdered. Praise God for people like them who are willing to do something about it. 🙂



  2. This is great! I’ve always hated abortion–once I knew what it was. I get such a wonderful feeling holding a baby, I can’t even stand thinking about abortion! It’s so terrible. But this is a great post!!


  3. I just recently found out what abortion was, and it makes me so mad, it makes me want to shout out and help precious little people who are being murdured! I mean…how is that even legal? IT IS WRONG!


    1. Sadly, it is legal in some states….but some people have been advocating against it and have shut down some abortion centers!! 😀 I can’t believe anyone would want to murder their own babies..I mean, aren’t they so special? We were all once babies! It’s SO wrong!


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