Patience Is a Virtue

Hey everyone! How are you?

So today I would like to talk about patience. Patience is something that I can struggle with sometimes, especially when I’m not feeling well and someone is really getting on my nerves. But before you lose your temper!!

Take a deep breath, and think about a Bible verse. Like one about love or being slow to anger.

When I was in 4th or 5th grade, at my church they decided to study about patience for a month. So at the beginning of the month they gave us a glow stick. But the thing is, we had to wait to crack it till the end of the month! That was hard because I really wanted to pop that glow stick then! So the lesson is is that sometimes you have to wait a little while to get what you want. Sure it may be hard…but it can be worth it. It’s like when I have a plate of hot cheesesticks straight from the oven sitting right in front of me, but I should wait 5 minutes so that they can cool off a little bit.

God asks us to be patient and slow to anger. I try my best to do that, even when it is hard.

I hope everyone has a beautifully blessed day!

I’m sorry it’s not the best post ever, kinda short too, and late, but it’s been crazy around here. We’ve been sick, I think I might be sick right now, not sure. But anyways, hope you enjoyed it! Any thoughts or comments? 🙂


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