Long story short, I got busy today and forgot it was my day to post! Wow. Okay.

So today’s post is going to be on surrender. By surrender, I’m talking about spiritual surrender. It seems to be a common thing to say “I’ve surrendered this fear to God” etc. But.. if you’re only surrendering part, then you’re not surrendering. Partial surrender is not real surrender. Surrender is when you give in completely, nothing kept back. Surrender to God is what all Christians need to strive for. We need to surrender every bit of our lives to God. Every single last care, worry, tear, heartache, sadness, joy, hopes, faith, everything, with nothing left out. Only after we have done that, can we truly say we have surrendered to the Holy Spirit.

I have surrendered. I’ve surrendered, but sometimes I forget I have. I need to be reminded that I have surrendered and that my future is no longer my own. It’s an ongoing process, learning to remember that we have surrendered, but totally worth it. When we can always remember that we have surrendered, where on earth could we get worry from? Nowhere, because before we start to worry, we know we have completely surrendered and that our future is not our own any longer. That is a great comfort, to know that your life is in the hands of a caring God and that it is all being worked together to add another stitch to the embroidery of a perfect plan! Surrender is beautiful! We must learn to look on it as such, and to remind ourselves and each other that we are no longer our own.

Sorry for the late post! I hope it’s alright… I had to write it extremely fast!




6 thoughts on “Surrender

    1. Thank you Shelby! 🙂 I was hoping it came out alright! haha I wrote it after being three hours at part of a lock-in 😛 I didn’t stay the whole night, and am I glad I didn’t! I had forgotten I needed to post!

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