Child-like faith

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So, you all know that word.


yeahhh, that word. Not one of my favorites. I went there today..don’t worry! I was cavity free, actually I haven’t gotten a cavity for many years now, thankfully.

I always remember when I was younger-I would pray that I wouldn’t have any cavities or have any problems with my teeth, and I remember being so happy when I didn’t. And I just knew, I wouldn’t get any-because I trusted. And that makes me think…child-like faith is so wonderful, it’s so easy just to trust-but it gets harder as you get older because you start thinking about all the technical things. And you know what…

it really doesn’t matter.

It’s that simple:

Love the Lord with all your heart

and…love your neighbor as yourself.

With those two commandments, your sticking to all the others as well..but since we are sinners we try to get into all the technical stuff-just making it more confusing! I really don’t know why, it’s just the way we are..that is why we need God, He will keep us on the path.We just need to have a child-like faith.

It’s that simple.


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