The dreaded thing that [almost] everyone dislikes. It usually takes a lot of time, energy, and patience. Those 3 things have always been hard to come by for me.

When I was younger my energy was a difficult thing for me. I couldn’t sit still. I would twitch and squirm. I would try doodling, but ended up using a whole notebook just on doodles. I could get pass science, history, spelling, grammar, Bible, etc. I loved those. But, then it came to math. Ohh, how totally indifferent math has been for me my whole life.

march 2015 109

I couldn’t get the fractions, division, or multiplication. It literally took me forever to get my times tables down. (don’t worry, I got them now. 😉 ) I guess you could say I didn’t want to learn them, so I didn’t. I’d rather be off reading, writing, or playing outside then spend the short time a day studying numbers. I slowly came to see that I did need matter how difficult they were to learn.

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So, I chose to work at them rather than give up. It didn’t take long for everything to click into place. I realized if I got the math done, then I could go play. That mentality has changed a bit over the years..but working at it hasn’t. I am now solving Algebra problems..not what 12X5 equals. I also got older, which brings more responsibilities..which takes time. I started to get behind in my algebra. So, last month I did the math (lol!) and saw that if I did a certain amount each day I could finish by May 1st.

 I grabbed at the challenge.

So, now I am down to 20 lessons of Algebra. I’ve been eating away at those crazy equations. Of course, I tend to have a headache after 3-4 lessons of math..but I keep on seeing May creeping closer. I see Summer..I see the swimming pool and the garden. I look at my Algebra and tell it that I will be done with it in less than a month. (I only start talking to the computer after I’ve done 6 lessons of math in a!) I think back to the days of giving up..those days are long gone!

 Also, if I meet my goal by May 1st I will be able to go out for ice cream. Now who doesn’t love ice cream!?

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   Today I encourage you with your toughest subject in school. Whatever it can over come it! Set yourself a goal with a small prize at the end. It doesn’t have to be huge..just something that you actually care about. Say, if you say to yourself that if I can get a good grade on this history test, then I’ll treat myself to go see that movie I’ve been looking forward to. Just remember :

 “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.”



12 thoughts on “Schoolwork

  1. Julia this is awesome! I struggle in math to. I’m just not always motivated to do it. I get some bad scores and get down on myself for that. What helps me is to just finish the thing so that next year I can try to do better! Thanks for talking about this! This helped!

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  2. Great post!! I don’t like Algebra much either, I’m not very good at math. But I like your idea of “rewarding yourself.” For quite a while I’ve had about 20 lessons left in math so I’m focusing on science so everything will be caught up for the summer! 🙂 This was interesting!

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  3. Thanks, Naomi! Wow.. I am glad I posted this, I don’t feel so alone anymore. 🙂 I guess you could say I learned that tip from watching my parents. They have little rewards for my younger siblings once they achieve something that has been tough more them. Completing a goal is hard-believe me, but everyday you get closer and it isn’t so hard anymore. I now have 17 lessons to go! I hope you can beat your math too. 😉 thanks for commenting!


  4. Great post Julia! As you said in the beginning ” (almost ) everyone dislikes and yeah, I’m actually one who likes school. I love math! ( Don’t ask me why because I really don’t know! ) and for the rest I just like learning! I understand not liking school though… I used to hate it! Like seriously I thought that it was Terrible! It’s funny how things can change once you get older. Anyways, great post! I hope that you can get your math done in time!

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      1. It went well thanks :). I had an hour of Geography revision for the test I had today and I think it went well. I also completed my French hw which was much easier than I thought at first glance. Thank you very much and well done on your algebra!

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      2. I’m glad! 🙂 I enjoy’s a challenge! Sometimes I wish it wasn’t such a hard challenge at times but then I realize i wouldn’t learn if it was easy. 😀 thanks! Good job on your school too! Are you homeschooled?

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  5. No I’m not, but I’ve always thought it would be a nice idea to be :). I quite like easy work too. But getting set hard work is also great practice for the future!


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