Would you die for Jesus?


Lately I’ve been reading Jesus Freaks (a book about Martyrs who gave their lives for Christ)..and wow..I am just so amazed at the bravery of these people who died for proclaiming they were a Christian, and I was just thinking..this wasn’t in the past, this is happening right now. This very second. People have such amazing faith that they give their lives for Jesus..and I was thinking, would I give my life for Jesus? and of course, my human pride says of course, I tried to push that thought away, but then it came to me that these people did not do it on their own because they gave it all to God.  He took it over and gave them the strength. They didn’t have to do anything. They were so sure of God, and because they had such faith even when they burned at the stake, they sang Psalms and praises to God. They were to happy to die. Let me repeat that, they were happy to die.  When others saw them behaving this way, they gave their lives to Christ.

These people aren’t just killed, they are tortured-but they never give in. Because of this, officers, guards,  and people who have even tortured them have received Christ.

People have been tied to stakes that have been set on fire, and still they did not burn. God is so amazing, that the fire did not harm them. People have been put in boiling pots of oil, and yet they don’t burn. God just keeps proving how amazing He is to us, and how little we are.

Sometimes I think..What if there is no God? What if it’s just nothing? (only for a second mind you), but then I look around..and I say, “No-no..it is not even possible that a hair on my head could have been an accident.” God made me. He made ME! He made YOU.

As I read this book, I thought, “Oh, these are grown ups, they have more strength..more faith.” As I read further, I saw I was mistaken. Eight-year olds were being tortured and killed. Yet they sang praises and loved until the very end of their earthly lives, yet they knew if was only the beginning of they’re heavenly lives with Jesus for eternity.

A twelve year old was hung on a cross and killed, yet he sang louder than the others and praised Jesus until he breathed his last.

I cried when I read that book. I cried when I wrote this. I cry when I read about this and realize that this is real. Would I have this much faith? Sometimes it worries me, what if I would give in? What if I don’t have enough faith? I know God will give me the strength I need. It seems to me that the children have more faith than the adults did. The children were to happy to be going to Jesus (as were the adults), but they were so sure that nothing else mattered more to them than Jesus.  Jesus told us to be like little children. Children don’t worry about what they will eat next and they don’t doubt so easily. They just follow.

Then I think to myself, “but I don’t want to die..” Then again, what is this life? This life is nothing and only what you do in this life matters. Eternal life seems so much more wonderful, don’t you think?

Please pray for these people who are being persecuted every day..please pray. I know I will be. It really does makes a difference.

~Sarah Margaret                             


13 thoughts on “Would you die for Jesus?

  1. This is a beautiful post, Sarah Margaret. I have been recently thinking the same things and came to the same conclusion. It shows you have faith when you want to have the faith to die. When you tell God you don’t have faith and ask for more, that’s a showing of your faith. You have faith to ask and to receive.

    Beautiful post!


  2. Hi Sarah,
    I loved your post! This challenges me in my faith and walk with Jesus. I am learning to love Him more everyday, as he sends things into my life to make me stronger. Thanks for posting this and thanks for praying about your post before you posted it. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Lydia! It’s always good to have a challenge, that’s what helps us grow in our faith. 🙂 It’s so hard to think of people being treated in this way, but it is real… 😦 I’m just going to keep praying hard about it and ask Jesus to give me the strength I need! Thank you so much! 🙂


  3. Wow…This is something I havn’t really thought much about before, but wow…I hope I can have such faith that if I were one of those people, if I were to be killed for being a Christian, That I would’nt give in but stay strong in my faith and love for Christ.


    1. I know what you mean Hannah, I really think you should read that book. They are AMAZING. Seriously. I know I would say that of course I would die for Him, but I know inside I would be afraid. But it’s just in us, we have to ask God to make us not afraid. He will take over. He is so amazing!


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