Friday(Trinity) – Twice the Fun

Hello people! *waves* How is your life going? Mine is going okay, before you ask. (LOL) I was just going to show you a little bit of my novel that I am writing myself and posting on my blog. Some of you might have read some of it, some of you probably have never even been to my blog before! Well, I think that you should change that. How ’bout it? Here is the link: Now, my story is called “Twice the Fun”. Here is the summary that I posted way before I even started it.

“When Aurora and her twin, Ariana King go into a world where anything can happen, they do not know what to do. Along the way, they meet a mermaid named Natalie and a boy named Dakota. They learn about the world’s enemy, Alexandria Destorie and the world’s queen, Rebecca Zolin. The group soon finds out that there is a threat that could destroy earth. Join the team as they learn secrets no one has known about before, find themselves trapped, and have to trust each other with their lives.”

I know, it sounds really stupid. So, I have decided to try to make a new summary. Here we go!

“Aurora and Ariana King, twin sisters, find their lives contorted when something happens to them the last day of 6th grade. They find themselves in a whole new world–literally. This world holds magic, mermaids, evil, and queens. After they step into this world, their whole lives come crashing down. Relationships are shattered, lives are lost, and evil is brewing. Time is running out, and the twins have no idea what to do. Should they take offence, or defense? Should they fit the evil corrupting their lives, or stay behind and protect their loved ones? When these two sisters get themselves kidnapped, betrayed, and played as pawns by their enemy, will they still have any hope left?”

How was that? Now, for a little sneak peek before you go and read my story…right? You ARE going to right??????? *raises eyebrows* …………………………..anyway……………………………….

  “I paused. Who am I anymore? What has possessed me, that I would think about murder?! I shuddered. No longer was I an innocent 12 year old.
  Ariana didn’t even shift her eyes. She had made no movement what-so-ever. I was about to cry, when I remembered my wall. My wall that I had worked so hard to build up around myself. I had spent all my life building the wall, and I have already damaged it by crying in front of Natalie.
  ‘Ariana, we need to get out of here. You don’t have to tell us what happened, but I suggest that we move fast to avoid it happening again.’ Natalie said.
  Ariana broke out of her shell-shock and stared at us, examining us as if we were fine specimens under a magnifying glass. She looked perplexed. Never had I seen her like this.
Once again, for the millionth time that day, I wondered if we would ever be the same again after this week.
   I dared myself to wonder if we would even exist after this week.”
If you feel inclined to read my progressing story, click here and you’ll be able to click on each link that leads to you to my different parts. I really hope you like what you read. 🙂
Thanks for reading! Bye girls!
Love, Trinity

2 thoughts on “Friday(Trinity) – Twice the Fun

  1. That was great Trinity! I have never read this series before because I thought I had to go all the back to the beginning, but I think I might just do that! By the way, where did you make your signature thing. I love it!


    1. 😀 Thanks! I just made it on PicMonkey. If you want me to make one for you, you can just email me. 🙂 Or I could tell you how to make one yourself. Just give me an email!


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