Hey Lo Gurls! It’s Ellie! Today I’m pretty much going to share what’s going on in my life. Most of these pictures give the story and I’ll tell a little about it too! πŸ™‚

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This picture right here on the left is Fred! I love to make funny faces and doodle! So we were at a restaurant and I was kinda bored so I draw Fred! Isn’t he cute!

On the right is a sunset. We were on the 6th floor at our hotel and it was gorgeous!

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On the left is another sunset photo that we saw.

On the right is a guinea pig. Unfortunately he’s not mine. Our writing class teacher’s son has this cutie and me and my friend Ellie actually love taking him out and playing with him.

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On the left is our campus. Our Dad works there and he has to walk to his car so I went with him and I had a camera so I took pictures!

And that’s the campus again.

Featured imageFeatured image

On the left is my converse! Cause everybody loves that black and white stuff!

There’s a really pretty flower that I had to take a picture of! YAY!

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

So this chair on the right is so colorful and this is like probably my favorite color!

Featured imageFeatured image


Just my view!

Featured imageFeatured image

Okay girls! So my friend Ashley who blogs here made this for me! I got two. One for me and one for a giveaway. Maddy (on our blog) won! And Katie (on this blog too) won a interview! Congrats! Thanks Ashley for making this gorgeous thing!

So, I go to a writing class on Wednesday! We took a Andrew Pudewa class. I take it with my friend Ellie and my friend Cassidy! We have a blast cause if you were there you’d know the real me! I’M CRAZY! THEY’RE CRAZY! WE ARE SO AWESOME! Then my sister (Sarah) and her friend Mila take a speech class also by Andrew Pudewa. Then we have our teachers son, my brother, and Cassidy’s brother. I laugh the most on Wednesdays cause they are there. We also take like a million selfies together to make sweet memories!

We also went to a homeschool conference this weekend. It was so fun! We got to see my sister’s biology author, out history author, and Andrew Pudewa! I recommend you to go and check Dianna Warring and Andrew Pudewa! They are very fun teachers/authors! We also did a little art project which totally got us pumped so do more art. We have been taking tons of drawings now! πŸ™‚

If you had a great week and would love to share it with me please comment below! Also please give me some advice on what I should post about next time! YAY!

Peace and Love,



19 thoughts on “MY WEEK! :)

  1. It was my pleasure making the headband for you Ellie! I hope Maddy likes hers just as much as you did. πŸ™‚


  2. HI Ellie,
    I wanted to point out something to you. I liked some of the pictures you posted, but a few were just like, a waste. LIke the one of your legs, the one of the rope, the one of your boots, the doorknob, the picture to the right of Spring, etc. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but those pictures are not appealing at all. I thought this blog was supposed to reflect girls striving to please God, but those pictures don’t tell anything. You could still post flowers and pretty sunsets, but I think the other ones are not desireable. If Jesus was to come on here and scan through the pages of this blog, do you think he would be happy and pleased by what is being posted here? Or do you think He’d be sad that you’re just wasting pictures and time by posting about things that don’t last for eternity? Would you want Him to look at this? Well, God is looking at it-He’s sees everything, and random pictures of stuff does not matter. What matters are the souls of men.
    I hope you get what I’m saying. Please don’t take this as offensive at all! I am just trying to help you see that you could have posted about something better. Read the Bible-write about something cool you saw or something God showed you.


    1. Hey Lydia! Thanks for the advice! You did not offend me. First I want to say that everything I take pictures is God’s creation. It’s not a waste. Everything like the doorknob and the legs are just a picture of his power and glory because he made that. He didn’t take hours of time getting the right materials. He made it with the power of his words! Also I do agree with you maybe if God looked through here he might of not been pleasured, but if I did all my work for the glory of his name it was worth the time. I do agree that sometimes we should post about something God has showed me but this is it. Every time I go outside sometimes I doubt it and think everything is dead why should I go. Though he always amazes me! His creation is amazing! Please comment back and tell me what you think about my response.

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      1. Hi Ellie,
        I see what you’re saying. Even though he made everything, there are prettier pictures to take than ropes and shoes .Like sunsets are pretty, oceans, animals, etc. When girls have a blog, they should be taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and asking Him what he thinks about their writing.
        I think it would be more beneficial if you posted something Biblical. πŸ™‚


  3. Ps. Sarah’s post is an awesome example: Would you die for Jesus? Posts like that challenge, encourage, and lift up. You should write some of those kinds of posts. πŸ™‚


    1. I agrre. Although here’s an example. I might like hymms and not like comtempary music. Even though I’m not very fond of comtempary mucic I’m not going to go up to the drummer and say your music is waste. That’s not nice and godly. It’s just your preface. So just as you might like sunsets and skys more than random pictures but that does not mean you should go and tell me my pictures are a waste. I do agree my some of pictures might not be needed, but I think as long as my pictures are good, true, and beautiful it is NOT a waste. My pictures might not be needed here but they can be somewhere else like my blog. Uniquely you! It’s just preface and I think we need to keep those thoughts slient. Please don’t take this as an offense!


    2. Lydia, this is not my post, but I am one of the older writers on here.

      Our goal isn’t to post the most beautiful pictures, it isn’t to make our page look pinterest-worthy. Our goal is to glorify God in all we do. Ellie was sharing a little bit of her day-to-day life with us. That’s cool. Not everything has to absolutely have a biblical point, though we do like to keep those posts abundantly available on here. It was just a little bit of, “Hey, here’s what my day-to-day looks like!”

      Sarah’s post was very well done, and it so happened that she had recently read a book that inspired her to write a deep post. Not all the posts on here will be deep. Also, you said Sarah’s post was “encouraging, challenging, and lifting up” Ellie’s post does not discourage or tear down, so it’s fine. I think it showed a nice, happy life. That encourages me. It shows that in every little thing we can take joy. We need to content ourselves with the little things. The day-to-day things. We don’t only thrive on big thoughts that happen to come to us. We thrive on little things.. like a rope swing that we like to play on, daffodils because its spring, shoes that we love. I think if we look at it in a certain light, Ellie’s post is encouraging and uplifting.

      I do not think God would be displeased by seeing this post. I do not think it would make Him upset that she wasn’t posting “things that last for eternity”. He made daffodils for us to take delight in. He gave her those shoes, He has given her the physical health to enjoy a rope swing. What does not glorify Him in her post? She was showing us the things that give her joy. I think her post was fine. I think it was a cute post that showed the happiness she takes in things.

      We do like posts like Sarah’s to be frequent, but I think Ellie’s post still fits the criteria for our blog. If you are looking for a blog that is entirely spiritually focused, maybe ours isn’t the one you’re looking for. We will do random posts that are not necessarily a deep question. We have a lot of young writers on here and part of their lives is just finding joy in what’s around them. They haven’t necessarily hit a hard road yet that teaches them a lot of things, so they won’t have the same type of posts as older girls will.

      Understand I am not bashing your point of view. I am merely defending a post that I think was perfectly acceptable on our blog. I think your asking if God would be pleased was very antagonistic and a tad on the belligerent side. I know you did not mean it rudely, you only meant to exhort, however, in the future, could you perhaps word your comments more softly? Some people are very sensitive and comments such as that can hurt people. “Let everything be done in love”



      1. Hi Ruth,
        Thanks for your reply. Thanks for the advice. I agree with you.
        God bless.
        ps. Dear Ellie, Sorry if I hurt your feelings. Please forgive me.

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