Newbie here!

Hello all you wonderful girls! I am a new writer for Girls Living for God’s Glory..something that I am very excited about. 🙂 Since I intend on posting a lot about quite a variety of things I think I should tell you readers a bit about myself…

march 2015 259

I am 15

I love reading history books

Learning is a blast for me!

I blog over at Writing for His Glory blog

I have blond hair and blue eyes

Photography is a hobby

Becoming a doula is more than that..

I’m working on my algebra

I don’t like staying up late

I am a deep thinker..

So, with saying that I can tell you a bit of what I think….

Abortion is wrong...children are a gift from God!

The Scriptures are powerful.

Prayer is so important..

Jesus died on the cross to save everyone..We just need to confess our sins, believe, and ask Him to live in our hearts forever.

march 2015 009I pray you all have a wonderful day, serving the Lord!! ♥  Oh..and don’t worry. I decided to make my first post serious…just watch out for my craziness in later posts! 😀


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