Prayer Wall

So I had never heard of these until a friend of mine mentioned his. Then I was like, “and why have I never thought of this?!”

I have my prayer wall, and then I have my prayer list. My prayer list has over a hundred names on it simply because I’ve met so many people at random places. So what I do, is for specific prayer requests that are really important/direct requests, I write them down on a sticky note and add them to my prayer wall. Everybody else I leave on the list, which is divided up into days of the week. I have the names on my list organized into a pretty even amount each day, simply because I don’t think I would ever make it through all the names in one day! Sometimes I don’t even make it through the organized way, or I may forget.. which is bad.

Pretty much my prayer wall looks like, the footboard of my bunkbed has sticky notes on it with names and prayer requests written on them. I’ve got a few, and I need to organize when I pray for which ones! haha

I took to doing this because I realized I needed to organize my prayer life. It’s important that we know what we need/want to pray for, that way we don’t get confused and/or forget! Organization is just important anyway that way you don’t feel like you’re going a million different directions all at once!

Well, hope this helps you. 🙂 I know organizing my stuff helps me! 😀

I was incredibly thrilled to get to post on the first day of Spring! YIPPEEE Happy Spring everybody!




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