We Can Change the World


It’s that kind of Thursday again! I’m excited to be posting. 🙂

Today, at school I had a field trip. Our ACCESS class went to a local church to view a panel discussion on homelessness. It’s so easy to hear about problems and not think of them and something that is really….real. Sometimes it’s hard to really understand that people actually experience difficult things, especially when you don’t. A formerly homeless adult came to talk to us about when she was homeless. As a teen, family issues required her to work for long hours, and provide for herself and her little sister. She in a shelter, a run-down, cold house with little to eat.  She worked hard, had little money, supplies and clothes,  was forced to adapt to 4 different high-schools, and still graduate 4th in her class. Now, she’s in college working towards a social services degree. I guess we never think about that people in our city are living in the streets.

People in our community are homeless.

People in my school are homeless.

Abortion, ISIS, all these things are really real. In our world! And if we keep sitting around thinking that the next guy is gonna come around and take a stand, nothing with ever change. Being a missionary doesn’t mean traveling halfway around the world. It can mean that, for sure, but you can be a missionary in your own neighborhood. Wherever you are! God puts you in a place for a reason. You can spread His love wherever you are. You can take a stand wherever you are. Make the most of the life you have, you only get one. 🙂

Check out the song “Lost Get Found” by Britt Nicole if you aren’t familiar with it. It’s wonderful song with amazing lyrics.

Anyhow, have a lovely day my friends!





8 thoughts on “We Can Change the World

  1. Wonderful post Grace! I know that a lot of times we don’t even think about that stuff but we really should be doing things to help! Thanks for the wonderful post! 🙂


  2. Totally right, Grace! I love that I recently did a related post on this on my own blog! People really need to hear this message. We need to be world changers, that’s what we’re called to be!

    Good post! Love it!


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