Facts About Me! :).

Hey everyone!

My name is Katie, and today I’m going to share a few random facts about myself so you can get to know me better. 🙂

1. I am 15 years old (as you guys probably already know.).

2. I LOVE fire sauce and anything spicy on my mexican food!

3. I am kitty cat crazy!! I actually have some cat leggings to go with my cat t-shirt. 😉

4. I super silly, crazy, and weird. 🙂

5. I am very interested in Astronomy.

6. My absolute favourite series of books in the whole wide world is most definitely Warrior Cats. They’re AWESOME! And I highly recommend them to anyone who hasn’t read them. 😉

7. My favourite colour is purple.

8. Some of my hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, and so many other things!

9. I love warm weather! Open windows, gardening, have fun outside, and all that good stuff!

10. As mentioned in the previous fact, I love gardening, mainly herbs. I can’t wait to grow an herb garden this year! 🙂

Well, that’s all for now! Have a beautifully blessed day everyone!

Anything we have in common? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “Facts About Me! :).

  1. Those we’re great Katie! I also LOVE cats! ( Well pretty much any animal! ) Also I love reading, writing, drawing, and warm weather! We do have stuff in common! It’s great to get to know more about you!


  2. We spell things the same way.. like “colour”! Don’t think I’ve ever run into anyone that spelt it that way who wasn’t English! So cool! I love warm weather, reading, and writing a LOT!


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