Greetings! :)


My name is Hannah, I blog over at Tomboy in a Tiered Skirt, and I’m really excited to be doing this blog with all of you! (I was supposed to post on Monday but i forgot to so I’m posting today, hope that’s okay)

More about myself, I’m almost 13, I’m homeschooled, I love Jesus! I have 9 siblings (In 4 weeks I’ll have 10 siblings! my parents are adopting!) I am a writer, (I’m writing a book right now, :D) I love to read, I love music and singing, modest fashion, I love adventure, I hope to one day be a missionary or an author.

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And did I mention a love taking pictures?

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So excited to be blogging with you all!

Have a great weekend everyone!

~Hannah M~


9 thoughts on “Greetings! :)

    1. Hi Bethany, nice to meet you to! 😀 Well….its really crazy and busy, but really awesome, and I wouldn’t want my family any other way. 🙂 How many siblings do you have?


  1. Cool! We both have huge families! I forgot to mention that I’m the middle of ten sooo… 😀 No adoptions and no twins or triplets! :O It’s awesome! Cool post! Excited to see where this blog takes us!


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    1. Wow, That is awesome Ruth! I’m in the middle to. 🙂
      Wow! I have 1 adopted sister now, and my parents are adopting another. 😀


    1. Hey Hannah,
      That’s awesome that your family is adopting. I love writing too, and I want to be a missionary too!! And an author!
      Glad to meet you!


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