Hey everyone! I decided to do this post about loving yourself and loving others. 🙂 It is very good to do both but the thing is… Do you love yourself? Completly
the way God made you? I know that it can be hard sometimes when you try to compare yourself to others saying that your not pretty or that your not popular, well
whatever you tell yourself I will tell you now that it is wrong. God made you just the way you are and your beautiful!( I will praise You, for I am fearfully and
wonderfully made ~ Psalms 139:14) You were made just the way you were and you should always be happy about the way you because it doesn’t matter what is on the outside,
what matters is on the inside. So you should never compare yourself to others, you should just be happy about the way God made you! Next is loving others… I know
that at times that can be hard. I have even dealed with people laughing or making fun of me but you should try to be friend and love them even if they hate you. Real
quickly I would like to tell you a story that happened to me… There was this girl that I know that just loved to always pick on me. We were the same age and all
but I would almost let her do it to me because I didn’t want her to get mad at me. She would do stuff as take my picture without me knowing and laugh and show
it to others or just she would call me some pretty rude names. Anyways, of course this girl just didn’t like me and would be rude to me and instead of just talking to
her to try to clear our relationship up, Anytime she would do something I would just kind of look at her for a second and them walk away, So you may think… That’s
not bad or if it were me I would have done something much worse. Well the thing was that we would just never talk to each other and if we were ever the only 2
people in the room it would just be really akward and we certainly weren’t being good Christian by not loving each other. Well one day I was just sitting at home
and my sister walking in and said that the girl has been in a car reck. Well, right away I started thinking about how we never became good friends and we were
both kind of rude to each other. To me it was alomst like I was in a book because I have read so many different books where 2 people don’t really like each other
and then one would get hurt and die and then the other one would wish that they could just see that person one more time to clear everything up. Well, right away I
went and talked to her and we have been good friends ever since. It’s funny because it doesn’t seem like we used to not like each other because were such good friends
now. 🙂 Well, what I learned is that if you don’t have a good relationship with someone then try to clear it up because you might say something like, I will try maybe
next week or I’ll give them some time to think about it. Well let me tell you that there might not be a tomorrow so if you don’t have a good relationship with someone
then try to clear it up today! So now I would like to show you something that I found in one of my old Bibles that I had when I was a kid. I really like it so here
it is. 🙂

If I can speak beautifully and sing like an angel, but I don’t love others, I sound like a child banging on a piano or a screeching radio. If I’m very smart
( almost a genius) but don’t love others, Then I am nothing~Love will stand in line and wait its turn~Love looks out for the good in others~Love doesn’t always
want what others have, and it doesn’t brag about what it does have~Love is polite, even when the other person is rude~Love doesn’t get angry over small things, and it
doesn’t remember one reason after another to be hurt~Love isn’t happy when someone else fails but is happy with the truth~Love will always protect others, especially
those who are often picked on or teased~ Love always believes the best about others and is steady and true~ And last… Love never gives up!

The three most important things to have are faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. ( 1 Corinthians 13:13)

So everone… Go out there and Love others! One thing that you could do is to pick 1 person and for a week show them how much you love them by getting them a gift,
maybe doing one of there chores, write them a card, or just tell them how much you love them. I could be with anyone! Your dad, mom, siblings, aunts, uncles,
grandparents, or even you friends! Just go out there and love others!!

So, what did you thing? Did you like the post? If you have ANY questions at all or you just want to talk then please feel free to email me at!
I would LOVE to hear from you! You can also look at my blog! I have LOVED taking pictures for as look as I can remember so I started a photography blog not long ago!
I would LOVE for you to go done there and look at it some time and maybe even follow it! Thank you all so much for reading! I hope that you all have a AMAZING week!
~ Maddy (


6 thoughts on “Love

  1. Hey, Maddy, good post, good points. Spot on. Good jobs girls! Keep it up! Don’t forget to keep your posts and all of us posters in your prayers! We’re out here to be an example, and nobody can show Christ to the world without His help!

    Love you girls

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