HI I’m Ellie!

Ello Peoples! My name is Ellie but please call me Bernie (it’s my nickname) I’m a 12 year old girl who lives for God’s glory! God has given me the talents of photography, blogging, writing, cooking, drawing, and reading. If you give me a sheet of paper it might turn into something more than words. I love modest fashion! I’m homeschooled and proud! My favorite subjects are English, History, and Latin. I play the piano and violin. My favorite verse is 1st Peter 1:24-25. I love joking around and playing with my family. Oh yeah I have a beagle named Rudo! My favorite book is Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan of course The Bible and Horse and his Boy by C.S. Lewis. I love music like Royal Tailor, 1 girl nation, and Gardiner Sisters. I’m a very silly and weird person so please excuse my insanity. I also love the youtube channel Brooklyn and Bailey who are twins and post random stuff like cooking, challenges, fashion, and family. I love the color Tiffany blue and green. I have 2 siblings.   Blogging is awesome but it’s not always the writing part I love the most. It’s getting to know more friends who love God. I am often thought of crazy because I love the crazy cold weather outside. Please check out my own blog atwww.uniquelyyou1.blogspot.com. Also please check out my sister’s blog at www.foreverchanged13.blogspot.com.
10 Random Facts about me!
1. I cannot snap;(
2. I can unknot almost anything
3. I have had 8 stitches
4. I think some baby stories are interesting;)
5. When I was young I thought it was a competition on who could tie their shoes first, whistle, and snap. Whoever got all of them done in my family first won. My brother did (and he is the youngest)
6. I can’t whistle
7. I have an imaginary singing group/radio group. IT’S AWESOME!
8. It’s usually not an random fact but I’m super crazy and whatever your thinking of me right now is probably not even compared to me.
9. I have personalities for numbers
10. I love to kill characters in stories (oops that might of been a spoiler for my story)
As I said I love photography. Here are some pictures that I have took and love!
Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured image
I’m so happy I got to blog for you! I couldn’t hardly wait for Thursday to post! Hope you like this post! Please check out my blog. And all these lovely girls blogs too! Stop by again!
Peace and Love,

8 thoughts on “HI I’m Ellie!

  1. Hi Ellie! I love your introduction, and I love that white flower picture with the bug on it. It is so pretty!!! We have a lot in common. I love 1 Girl Nation, and Royal Talior. I also play piano!! 🙂


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